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Meals on board offers passengers a diverse selection of catering at the time of the flight. In drawing up the menu includes all the preferences of passengers, including dietetic food. At the request of passengers on board will be booked with any dish features

Dining on board is of several kinds of native code, approved by IATA, and is divided into groups:

1. Medical.
The largest group:
- Diabetic cuisine,
- Salt-free dishes,
- Lactose,
- High fiber,
- Low-protein diet,
- A diet for people with food allergies, the menu which is at the specific request of the passenger.

2. Vegetarian.
Includes at least four species aviakuhni:
- Strict,
- Asian,
- Milk,
- Milk-free.
All products are thoroughly tested.

4. Religious.
Religious meals on board delivers avikulinaram lot of trouble. It is divided into:

- Kosher food.
Each serving of food is packed in a sealed container, which is a special seal rabbi. Before going razogreyut, the passenger checks the integrity of the packaging and seals.

- Meals for Muslims.
Prohibits the use of alcohol, pork and gelatin. All dishes are prepared in the tradition of the national cuisine.

- Food for the Indians.
Excludes pork, beef and veal. All dishes include spicy seasonings and "curry.

3. Baby.
Baby food is made of the highest quality with an improved design. Special attention is paid to food for infants.

4. Exotic.
This can be a meal:
- Seafood or vegetables with starters, main course and dessert;
- Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

Every diet can have several choices by the duration of the flight and the Passenger. On board to deliver all the preferred drinks and meals from the best restaurants. All dishes are impeccable taste and a perfect shape.

Our advantages
  • Experience of many years and established strong relationships with local and international airlines
  • Flying a lot and often, the aircraft becomes your second home, where you want to feel relaxed and comfortable, from thousands of meters above the ground
  • Our specialists pick the best board that will allow you to be on time anywhere in the world. We can provide a plane, which is as close to the airport of departure.
  • Opportunity to be prepared for unplanned business appointments and departures.
  • The schedule and its implementation is a key criterion for our company. The company's managers are ready to coordinate all the details on the whole of the route and pick you up for the best terms and options.