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Medical evacuation provides Medical evacuation service.

We offer a number of measures, aimed at safe transportation of patients to a medical center. This service allows to render the required medical treatment onboard, since our aircrafts are equipped with all necessary modern facilities and are accompanied by a highly professional team.

All operation stages of correspond to the international standards. Medical evacuation, performed by our specialists, is preliminary approved by the doctors and medical staff of the accepting hospital. arranges medical evacuation around the world. Our extensive experience in such operations guarantees coordinated activities, prompt reactions and a highly professional team of doctors and medical staff.

Profound experience and knowledge of all medical evacuation details, cooperation with medical centers and airport services allow to save a patient. Onjet.ruis experienced in finding the best solutions for medical evacuation and guarantees maximum efforts and excellent service.

Our advantages
  • Experience of many years and established strong relationships with local and international airlines
  • Flying a lot and often, the aircraft becomes your second home, where you want to feel relaxed and comfortable, from thousands of meters above the ground
  • Our specialists pick the best board that will allow you to be on time anywhere in the world. We can provide a plane, which is as close to the airport of departure.
  • Opportunity to be prepared for unplanned business appointments and departures.
  • The schedule and its implementation is a key criterion for our company. The company's managers are ready to coordinate all the details on the whole of the route and pick you up for the best terms and options.